we use the usual hardcourt polo rules:

-Two teams of three players.

-Any type of bicycle is allowed. Handlebars MUST be plugged.

-Mallets must resemble a croquet mallet with a wide side and a round end. Modified ski poles and plastic pipe are the most common materials. The handle end of the mallet MUST be plugged.

-The ball will be a street hockey ball.

-Goals will be spaced one bike length apart.

-If a goal cone is disrupted it is the responsibility of the player who disrupted it to fix it.

-Start of a game: Each team will be stopped behind its own goal line and the ball will be positioned at center court. Play will begin with a “3 2 1 POLO!” from the sideline.

-Players may not play the ball with their feet at any time.

-Scoring a goal must be made from what started as a hit. A hit is made from the end of a player’s mallet. A “shuffle” does not count as a goal; if the ball is shuffled through the goal, play continues uninterrupted.

-After a goal is scored, the team who scored returns to their goal (all team members must ride through the back of the goal before game is resumed). The team who was scored on takes possession of the ball.

-The game must not restart until 2 members of each team have ridden behind the goal. The team not in possession of the ball at this point must not tackle until a player in possession of the ball from the other team has crossed the half way line

-Call out the score after each goal.

-Passing “backward” through the goal (from behind the goal line to in front of it, through the goal, a.k.a. “goal offsides”): When the ball is passed through the goal in this way, a goal CANNOT be scored by the first player to play the ball. Any subsequent player to play the ball may score. If a ball is shot from in front of the goal line and does not go through the goal but bounces off the back wall and comes out through the goal, the ball is in play and can be scored. A ball that crosses a goal line backwards must be “hit” before it can score.

-Players must not touch the ground, or “foot-down”. Each time a player goes foot-down, that player is out of play and may not play the ball until they ride to the side line at center court and bash the bell with their mallet. Then they may return to play. both sides of the court has a bell

-Contact rules: “Like” contact is allowed. Player to player (body to body), except grabbing or pushing with hands. Mallet to mallet (generally, hitting another player’s mallet is poor etiquette if that player is not attempting to play the ball or in front of the goal, playing goalie). Bike to bike.

-Everything else is NOT allowed: Mallet to player, player to bike, mallet to bike, etc.

-Throwing of mallets is not allowed at any time, in any situation.

-If 5 goals have not been reached after 20 minutes then whoever has the most shall win

-Games are played to 5 points

-Trash talking is allowed.

In a tourney we shall have refs who shall:

– determine if the ball went between the cones and is a goal.
– fix cones when they get knocked down.
– keep track of score. Score must be called out after every goal.
– keep track of time.
– call injury time outs for major injuries.
– provide an extra ball when ball gets knocked out of play.
– Ref’s have the last word.

Players have the responsibility to keep legal play on the court. If they are unable the ref can demand the offending party to, depending on the seriousness of the wrongful act:

– tap out at either the sidelines or either goal line.
– do a lap around the court before re-entering play
– In extreme cases any form of public humiliation will be considered proper punishment for offenders (Nate will think up punishments..so beware, children can be unkind!!!)