So we went to the London Bicycle Film Festival last weekend to watch Yorgo’s film and to play in the bike polo tourney. We had three teams: Nettto Superstars, ASBO Polo and The Mango Sharks… plus I reff’d a court.

The films were well ace even the bit where we all shouted “Bikes Rock” but Adam’s constant commentry and whoops of excitement at any fixie tricks was the bestest bit..and we all loved the film about scraper bikes.

Then on Sunday we all went to play polo!

It was well ace with 32 teams in total playing from Cambridge, London, Oxford and Manchester. The games were pretty tense but none as tense as the final wich consisted of BAD from London and Netto from Manchester (how ace is that). Despite yelling and cheering like crazy and some amazing shots and tackles from Netto, BAD ended up winning…Well done BAD! but Netto came second which is totally ace… The other teams from manchester played amazingly well too and it just shows that practice makes amazing polo players…

Netto Superstars

Chan, Mirek + Snoops


Adam, Woody + Ste

Mango Sharks

Hannah, Simon + Braley

The Ref

The next day some people stayed over again and went to play more polo

We all had an amazing time..thanks london x x